Accounts & Invoicing

Condat CRM provides a comprehensive solution for the accounts sector of education and migration businesses:

  • Invoicing to Clients, Colleges, and Subagents: Condat CRM allows you to invoice not just clients, but also colleges and subagents. This makes it easy for you to manage your finances and ensure that all payments are received on time. You can also track the status of your invoices, send reminders, and generate reports with Condat CRM.
  • Group Invoicing: With Condat CRM, you can do group invoicing. This feature allows agents to compile all the invoices for a specific college and send them all as one invoice. This not only simplifies the invoicing process but also makes it easier for colleges to manage their payments. You can also customize the invoice template, add discounts, and apply taxes with Condat CRM.
  • Scheduled Future Invoices: Condat CRM allows you to schedule future invoices. This means you can set up the invoices in advance and the system will automatically send them out at the scheduled time. This feature can help you avoid late payments and maintain a healthy cash flow. You can also edit or cancel the scheduled invoices anytime with Condat CRM.
  • Automated Client Notifications: Condat CRM allows you to send automated notifications to your clients via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This feature helps you keep your clients informed and engaged throughout their service journey. You can also customize the notification content, frequency, and timing with Condat CRM.
  • Institute Management: Condat CRM allows you to manage your relationships with various institutes, such as colleges, universities, and training providers. This feature helps you keep track of the courses, fees, commissions, and contracts of each institute. You can also compare the performance and profitability of different institutes with Condat CRM.
  • Visa & Migration Manager: Condat CRM allows you to manage your visa and migration services for your clients. This feature helps you handle the complex and dynamic visa and migration processes, such as application forms, documents, deadlines, and statuses. You can also monitor the progress and outcome of each case with Condat CRM.

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