Installing the Xero Plug-in: A Step-by-Step Guide

#Condat | Dashboard

1. Click on Plugin Manager

2. Click on All Plugins

3. Click on highlight

#Condat | All Contacts

4. Select a client to add invoices

5. Click on Accounts

6. Click on Visa Account

7. Click on Xero

8.Click on Create Invoice

9. Add Visa Application

10. Add Due Date

11. Type Invoice Name

12. Enter the amount

13. Click on Add

#Check Xero Invoices

14. Click on Xero Invoice

15. Click on General Invoices

16. Click on dropdown trigger

17. Click on Mail Invoice

18. Click on Submit

19. Click on Advance Search

20. Click on Paid

21. Click on Search

22. See Paid Invoices

23. Click on Steps to Install the plugin

#Invoice Search

24. Click on Advance Search

25. Click on Pending

26. Click on Search

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