Protecting your data

We’re committed to the security of our customers’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and financial information you trust to Condat Solutions.
We use separate database for each agency to store their data in the system. We give upmost priority in securing data and handle any data issue as soon as possible. The data are backed up every month into our backup device however none of these data are misuse or sold to any party and only is used in circumstances of restoring backup.

Now in terms of Data there are 2 kinds of data.

1. Users data i.e. users who uses the system (Information of the users such as First name , last name , phone number , email address etc)

    This data we receive when you register a user or if any users request for support. And this is the data we use to provide support to your staff either by providing training or when answering their queries. Only these data are accessed by Condat Solutions Staff and based on this data we provide support to the users.

2. Clients Data i.e. data of your clients and their applications which are entered by your users / staff. These data are secured even from us and our staff won’t have access to it unless you provide username and password to our staff. 

All of the data are completely protected from third party or unauthorised users and we give our best to make sure no unauthorized users can access any of your data.

In terms of third party, third party are different companies which we integrated plugin with. Such as Dropbox , SMS Broadcast.

With Dropbox, We allow you to create your own dropbox account and integrate it with our system.  In future , we might be looking to integrate with other system such as xero or myob in which we will allow you to integrate the plugin into our system. So, we don’t share any information with these third party app instead allow you to choose if you would like to integrate those app with our system. The other third party app that we integrate with is Send Grid and SMS Broadcast which allows users to send Email / SMS to their client. The Email / txt that you send to your client are also saved into their server. Please go through their privacy policy in how they protect their data.  and

All this third party integration is conditional so you can choose if you want to process with integration or not.

You control access

As a Condat Solutions customer you have the flexibility to invite users into your account to collaborate on your data, and the person that holds the subscription has control over who has access and what they are able to do. Our customer support staff cannot access your information unless you invite them to help. Please see our privacy policy for further information.

User authentication

We provide standard access to the Condat Solutions software through a login and password. This provides a clear security for your Condat Solutions account. We recommend you changing your password every 2-3 months and strictly prohibit sharing your passwords to others as it reduces the risk of your Condat Solutions account being accessed.

Data encryption

We encrypt all data that goes between you and Condat Solutions using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), protecting your personal and clients data. Your password is also encrypted at rest when it is stored on our servers, and encrypted when we transfer it between data centres for backup and replication.

Network protection

Condat Solutions takes a “defence in depth” approach to protecting our systems and your data. Multiple layers of security controls protect access to and within our environment, including firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network segregation. Condat Solutions’s security services are configured, monitored and maintained according to industry best practice. We recommend installing antivirus and Windows Defender in devices you access Condat Solutions to better protect your Network.

Secure data centres

Condat Solutions servers are hosted with that provides secure data facilities and secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt the information you enter on our Site in order to protect its security during transmission to and from our Site. See more on

Security monitoring

Condat Solutions’s security team continuously monitors security system event logs, notification and alerts from all the system to identify and manage threats.

Always there

Best in class availability

With a record of 99.97% uptime, Condat Solutions delivers best-in-class availability. We use multiple redundancy technologies for our hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure. These ensure that if any component fails, Condat Solutions will keep on running – with little or no disruption to your service.

Built to perform at scale

Condat Solutions has been designed to grow with your business. Our high performance servers, networks and infrastructure ensure we can deliver quality service to you and our hundreds of thousands of other users.

Disaster recovery and readiness

Condat Solutions performs real-time data replication between our geographically diverse, protected facilities, to ensure your data is available and safely stored. This means that should even an unlikely event occur, such as an entire hosting facility failure, we can switch over quickly to a backup site to keep Condat Solutions and your business running. We transmit data securely, across encrypted links.

Constant updates and innovation

We’re constantly enhancing Condat Solutions, delivering new features and performance improvements. Updates are delivered frequently, with the majority of them being delivered without interrupting our service and disrupting users.

Alert: System Update – Temporary Downtime on 27/12/2023(4:00 pm – 6:30 pm)SYD Time

Please be assured that this downtime is planned to optimize our systems, enhance security measures, and implement important updates. We understand the importance of our services to your operations and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.